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About Us

Every child has an amazing ability to dream and think on a completely different level from adults. Children’s museums are all about discovery and learning through play. They allow for children and families to spend time together, exploring new and exciting real world concepts and ideas in a fun and engaging way.

Cairns Children’s Museum (CCM) is a not for profit organisation set up to provide a hands-on, interactive, STEAM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) museum where children can feel comfortable to explore, take chances, make mistakes, and learn, all while sparking a curiosity about the world around them.

CCM is a a member of the Association of Children’s Museums, a registered charity and has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status with the ATO.

CCM is currently located at Stockland Cairns Shopping Centre (upstairs across from the movie theatre) Follow our Facebook page for monthly calendars containing all the times you can visit us. 



Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

STEAM activities stimulate the brain through:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Social and Cross Cultural Skills

From the Founder

Sari Lorner

  • Master of Science in Elementary Education: Math, Science & Technology Education- Hofstra University, New York, USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education N-6- New York University, New York, USA
  • Institute of Leadership Training for Teaching Mathematics & Technology, SUNY Old Westbury, New York, USA
  • 20 years of teaching experience at schools in New York and Cairns. 

Upcoming Events & Sessions

Join us for a Summer of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

From the 13th of December 2021 CCM will be transformed into a centre full of activities for children under twelve, although we suspect adults will enjoy it too! There will be a mixture of open play sessions and workshops. Check out our facebook page for weekly calendars! 


$25 Unlimited Monthly membership

-Unlimited access to open play sessions

-Exclusive discounts to events and workshops

(additional siblings $15 each)

$10 open play session:

-One time access to open play session

We encourage booking for open play sessions

Pi Day 2022!

Circles, circles, and more circles. Chalk art circles, bubbles, round foods, circle themed lawn games, recycled bottle top art, and of course, activities related to Pi. Not the delicious pie that you eat, but Pi (π), the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, and the irrational number representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. For any circle, the distance around the edge is a little more than three times the distance across.

In celebration of the International Day of Mathematics (IDM), Cairns Children’s Museum (CCM) applied for and received a Cairns Regional Council Community Grant to host Pi Day: A Celebration of Circles, at Tanks Arts Centre (because they are round!) on Sunday, March 13th, 2022, 9am to 12pm. All aspects of the day will be circle themed and STEAM focus. The goal is for people to learn about Pi (π) in a hands-on, interactive way, and show children (and adults) that there is math all around us, and that learning about it can and should be fun! 

 The CCM team looks forward to seeing you at Pi Day 2022! 

Tiny Town- Coming back in 2022!

Through support from Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and Cairns Regional Council, CCM founder, Sari Lorner, Opened Tiny Town: An Interactive Road Safety Experience for children. This exhibit was created to teach and reinforce important road safety messages for children (under 8) in an exciting and age appropriate way. It was brought to life through collaboration with local artist, Hayley Gillespie. A visit to Tiny Town includes a lesson on Road Safety delivered by the town mascot, Cautious Cassowary, and time for children to practice correct road safety procedures through guided play.

Tiny Town 2021 was a huge success and we loved teaching you about Road Safety! So much so, that Tiny Town will be back next year!